1. Pencil:

    There’s no way you can just draw a keyboard with a pencil and expect it to play music.!!! Or is there????

  2. Leaves:

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if each leaf on a tree or every blad of grass would suddenly turn into an individual musical key! Now you can..!

  3. Wet String:

    A wet string and a queaky is all you need for a night full of music and fun!

  4. Human Body:

    Queaky loves a human connection! The more the merrier! But, break the chain and the disappointed queaky will go silent..

How to use Queaky?

Frequently asked questions

How does Queaky work?
It works on the principle of a closed circuit. The moment Queaky senses that the circuit is closed meaning there is a loop for the current to flow, it gives out a shout. The tone is based on how much resistance is present in the circuit.
How does it beep when the loop is closed with our bodies?
The cells in our bodies are made up of different types of ions that conduct electricity. While the human body is not the best conductor of electricity, it is enough for Queaky to sense the current and make it shout.
What ages is Queaky recommended for?
Just like there is no age limit for magic and music, Queaky has no age limit. You can be a 3 year old excited about touching a nose and listening to it shout, or a 10 year old playing pranks on people, or even a young musician trying to create unique tunes with different items. You could be a working professional using Queaky for a break, or stress busting or even as a fidget toy. We have seen retirees fighting over Queakys, so honestly, this is a moot question.
What can I do with Queaky?
A lot of things! You can create magical moments for your friends by doing tricks with it. You can play music with Queaky with leaves on a tree, or a little water and a string, or even just with your fingers if you can master it. You can test different materials, use it to prank people around you or even just cure some boredom.
How long does the battery last? What happens when the batteries run out?
It completely depends on how much you use it! But be sure to not leave the switch on when not in use. And incase it dies out before you’re done, you can replace the batteries with 2 regular coin cells ()
Will I get a shock with Queaky?
No. The current Queaky works on is far too low for you to get a shock.
Can we learn anything with Queaky?
We don’t like to use the L word here, but you must’ve heard people say that you shouldnt switch on a switch with wet hands, or you should wear rubber shoes and gloves while working with electricity or even how a simple toaster can be dangerous when mixed with water. All these questions and more will be fundamentally understood once you play with Queaky.

Queaky Reaction Video:

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